Just Between Us

A Mother-Daughter Wellness Experience

Kicking off on National Daughters Day!

A wellness series dedicated to intentional connection


It’s not every day that we have the opportunity to have intentional, undistracted time with our daughters (especially now that school is back in session). What if you could set aside real, quality time once a week – to invest in your relationship, gain simple and actionable tips for how to live healthy together, while at the same time share in an unforgettable experience?

That’s what the Just Between Us Wellness Series is all about –
Moms and daughters connecting, bonding, and learning together.

Note: We recommend this series for girls ages 4-11 (but all are welcome!)


Sandy Richards with daughter, Maya

First and foremost, I am a mom of two girls. Raising my daughters to live a long healthy life has been at the forefront of my motherhood journey for almost five years. My goal in life is to ensure they have the tools and knowledge to feel empowered and equipped to live a healthy life (whatever that may mean to them.)

As a certified health & wellness coach and personal trainer it is my goal to educate and empower you to live the best life you can. Although I love coaching my clients, my main passion lies within bringing like-minded people together. To teach, empower, and motivate you with the simplest tips and tricks to go on to live a fulfilling healthy life.

I am thrilled to share this amazing event with you! Expect to hear from an unparalleled group of industry experts who are eager to share their knowledge, advice, and tips to help enrich your relationships and help you add a bit of wellness into your lives. Guaranteed to leave you and your daughter feeling inspired, empowered and motivated to continue to have an authentic connection together.

the details


Part 1: September 26
FUNctional Fitness Workout + Fit Feet and Strong Bones Yoga

Part 2: October 3rd
How to Supercharge Your Immunity (cooking demo) + Lunchbox Makeover

Part 3: October 17
Mindful Bedtime Routine & Time in a Bottle: Journaling Together

Part 4: October 24
Super Simple Swaps For A Healthy Home + Self Care & DIY Natural Stress Ball


You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group where we’ll be hanging out before the series kicks off. Join us to meet other attendees, connect with the speakers, get behind the scenes info, meet your host, gain additional support, ask questions, and attend mini workshops.


It’s a lot of content to take in & we know how busy your lifestyle is trying to fit everything in! Purchase an All-Access Pass so you can view these recordings when convenient for you and your daughter plus have access to speaker bonuses and a digital goodie bag!


Each live session will include 2 interactive and hands-on wellness topics. Presentations will range in length from 20-30 minutes with each session wrapping up within the hour. Each presentation will be recorded for our All-Access Pass Ticket Holders to view at any time.


How does participating in this event from the comfort of your home sound? This summit is a 100% virtual experience. You will receive links the morning of each session.


As an attendee you’ll have many opportunities to win prizes. The more you interact in the Facebook group and show up live to the events, the more of an opportunity you have to win!

the speakers

Lunchbox Makeover

Gina Ramirez

Lunchbox Makeover

Now that we are back to school, our lunches may need a reboot! Join this session to learn how to avoid nutritional pitfalls and how to pack a lunch that keeps you fuller & energized longer. You’ll leave with some great ideas for healthy lunch substitutions that are fast, convenient & easy to grab and go!

Fit Feet and Strong Bones
Mary Beth Ray
Fit Feet and Strong Bones

Let’s explore practicing yoga barefoot to see what we can learn from our feet, how we can support our feet, and in turn support the health of our whole skeleton! In this fun session we’ll learn how we can keep our bones strong throughout our whole life with movement and nutrition.

Super Simple Swaps For A Non-Toxic Home
Natalie Shirlaw
Raising Green Kids (DIY Kid Safe Cleaning Supplies)

Messes are inevitable when raising kids! It’s time to just admit that we’re living in a season of messiness. But it’s never too early to have them lend a helping hand in your cleaning routine. Let’s make it easy, fun, and healthy! Join us for a simple introduction into living a cleaner lifestyle and participate in a hand’s on tutorial for DIY cleaning products.

Mindful Bedtime Routine & Sleep Q+A
Kelsey Alford
Mindful Bedtime Routine & Sleep Q+A
Because sleep plays an integral role in our overall health, we’ll be tackling the most frequently asked questions! During this session you’ll learn meditations and muscle techniques to help relax our body and go to sleep with ease.
Time in a bottle: Journaling together
Jen Convissor
Time in a bottle: Journaling together
This workshop will cover everything you need to have a fun and supportive journaling practice with your daughter. We’ll discuss how to find the right journal and writing implements, how to decorate your journal, and even chat about how to create your own journal prompts that work for you and your daughter, no matter what age!
Self Care & DIY Natural Stress Ball
Diane Vics
Self Care & DIY Natural Stress Ball
This workshop will focus on self-care and our relationships we have with ourselves! Hang around for a FUN and INTERACTIVE tutorial on how to make a natural DIY stress ball!
How to Supercharge Your Immunity
Khieanne Dawson
How to Supercharge Your Immunity
Did you know you have a microscopic army inside you that fights for you? Learn how to feed your army and keep them strong with some practical tips and a hand’s on cooking demonstration!
"FUNctional Fitness"
Jaime Schuette
FUNctional Fitness
We’ve seen a huge explosion in youth sport’s participation! With an increase in participation, it’s important to be proactive about injury prevention. Functional movements/sports specific screens are utilized to determine deficits in strength/flexibility/agility and when corrected can lead to efficient, pain-free movement patterns and increased sport measures (i.e. running faster, jumping higher, increasing power and strength, improving flexibility). During this session we’ll learn simple and FUN safety tips to avoid injury and master the key components of proper alignment.









Frequently Asked Questions

Is this series only for mothers and daughters?

The content is designed specifically for moms (or mother-like figures) and daughters (focusing on ages 4-11ish). That being said, do you have a sibling or partner who is interested in these topics? They are more than welcome to listen in.

(Note: We recommend this series for girls ages 4-11, but all are welcome! This event is intended for anyone who identifies as female, we’re an open accepting community and this event is available for free to anyone who feels like they will benefit from it)

Do I have to attend every session?
You are welcome to attend whichever sessions seem the most fitting for you and your daughter. With our All Access Pass Upgrade, you will receive a recording of each event if you decide you want to watch one of the sessions at a later date.
What are the benefits of upgrading to the All-Access Pass?

Free ticket

  • Admittance to all live presentations
  • Invitation to our private Facebook community 

All-Access Pass:

  • Admittance to all live presentations
  • Invitation to our private Facebook community
  • Access to session recordings to watch when convenient for you
  • Invitation to an intimate live Q+A session with our speakers
  • Access to speaker bonuses valued at over $1,000! (such as program & course discounts, e-books, worksheets, checklists, & more) 
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